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Enter the cosmic world of the most outdoor DRINKwear collection - Galaxy and discover the extraordinary possibilities of decorating thermal products!




MAXIM – creative thought, inspired by passion and sustainable development.

We are based on the belief that advertising mugs and candles can be not only a promotional tool, but also an expression of creativity, durability and care for the customer and the environment. Our products are designed to enrich lives, provide a sense of excellence and contribute to the success of our customers, while maintaining social and ecological responsibility.

Our mission

We are a constantly developing team that, in cooperation with Advertising Agencies, creates high-quality promotional gifts that are a tool for promoting our clients’ brands.

Our vision

Our goal is to become the European leader in the advertising industry. We want to be a precursor of new technologies and a symbol of innovation, thereby setting trends and directions of development for the entire promotional gifts industry. In order to achieve this position, we want to constantly develop partnership relations with our contractors.

Strong family values

We are a proud family company, founded in 1988 by Renata and Zbigniew Kaczor, which for several generations has specialized in providing unique products to our customers. Our company was founded on family values, which constitute the foundation of our business and influence our approach to business.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Principles and laws, and above all, values with which our company identifies. The information contained therein are the rules followed by our company’s employees. All this is intended to have a positive impact on our work, cooperation with our clients and suppliers, and on the community that surrounds us.


We care about our planet and future generations. Our company strives for sustainable production, using ecological materials and production processes that minimize negative impact on the environment. Our products and the decorations applied to them are durable, which helps reduce waste.

How do we care for the environment?

In our production processes, we use raw materials and technologies proven to be safe for people and the environment

We protect natural resources by reusing packaging from suppliers and reducing the consumption of paper, fuel and electricity

We raise ecological awareness among employees by, for example, planting trees, collecting plastic caps

We conduct selective waste management through, among others: recycling waste or separating it properly

We eliminate the risk of environmental failures through constant monitoring of machines, devices and installations

We cooperate with contractors who meet legal requirements in the field of environmental protection

We comply with legal regulations and principles regarding environmental protection

We comply with occupational health and safety and fire regulations

An extremely important initiative for us is cooperation with the “Friends of the World” Association

For many years, we have been a partner of the “Friends of the World” Association, which conducts charitable activities, supporting hospitals, care facilities, and institutions associating people in need by, among others, selling charitable everyday items (mugs, plates, T-shirts), decorated with autographs and drawings of famous people.

People with big hearts who support this campaign include:

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Holland & Adamik
Agnieszka Radwańska
Andrzej Bartkowiak

How can you help?

We believe that everyone can contribute to charity. That is why we encourage our clients and partners to act together. You can help by:

  • Support Our Projects: join our charity campaigns.
  • Sharing Our Values: Promote our initiatives and help us reach more people.

We believe that by working together, we can influence positive change in our society and the world. Thank you for being part of our mission, caring for those who need support. Together we can do great things.


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