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Enter the cosmic world of the most outdoor DRINKwear collection - Galaxy and discover the extraordinary possibilities of decorating thermal products!




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Enter the cosmic world of the most outdoor DRINKwear collection - Galaxy and discover the extraordinary possibilities of decorating thermal products!



An expert in drinkware branding

Do you want to increase brand recognition in a unique way?

With the help of DRINKwear, you will create an amazing gift that, thanks to the perfect fit and excellent branding, will elevate the promoted brand above the competition.
DRINKwear offers unlimited branding possibilities and at the same time a guarantee of innovation, quality, durability and compliance with the eco policy.


Dress your brand in an unique way.

DRINKwear is an invitation to create an unique brand image that will distinguish it from others thanks to remarkable gifts. We make the brand more attractive, unique in value and extraordinary identity that attracts customers’ attention and remains in their memory for a long time. Additionally, you will find products that will perfectly match your target group and the planned campaign.


Unlimited color power!

Enter the colorful world of our drinkwares, where the power of energy, creativity and innovation provide unlimited branding possibilities. Choose from a multitude of materials, shapes and colors. At DRINKwear, everyone will find something for themselves.


Surprisingly useful!

Nie wyobrażasz sobie dnia bez kawy lub herbYou can’t imagine a day without coffee or tea, and you are looking for an elegant and durable replacement for plastic and paper cups?aty, a szukasz eleganckiego i trwałego zamiennika plastikowych i papierowych kubków? Produkty DRINKwear dzięki trwałym i odpornym zdobieniom są wielokrotnego użytku, dodatkowo kubki termiczne oraz mobilne możesz zabierać zawsze ze sobą … Wybór kubka wielorazowego, może być świetnym pomysłem nie tylko na ekologiczny, personalizowany upominek, zapewniający długotrwałe użytkowanie, ale także na skuteczną promocję brandu. Thanks to durable and resistant decorations, DRINKwear products are reusable, and you can also take thermal and mobile mugs always with you… Choosing a reusable mug can be a great idea not only for an ecological, personalized gift that ensures long-term use, but also for effective brand promotion.

Promote your brand with an effective gift

Numerous studies show that one of the most effective ways to promote a brand are promotional gifts, and one of the most popular, functional and attractive gifts are mugs. The products created by the DRINKwear team carry emotions related to the brand, continue the story about it and evoke positive associations with every sip.

DRINKwear is a wealth of products made of ceramics, porcelain, glass and metal.

Our unique and fashionable styles perfectly support brand recognition. DRINKwear’s offer includes noble porcelain, refined glass and eye-catching metal thermal products. Additionally, every year we enrich our offer with unique and carefully selected new products. Now you can easily choose a gift that perfectly suits the recipient. Choose one of our many proprietary designs or original shapes that will definitely make the promoted brand stand out.

Discover a wide range of European products.

If the European origin of the product is important to you, DRINKwear’s offer includes a wide selection of models produced in Europe. By choosing ceramic and porcelain mugs from European sources, you are choosing products that combine tradition, quality and attention to detail.

Unlimited coloring possibilities

Enter the colorful world of DRINKwear where there are no limits. You decide… and we implement your vision. Strengthen your brand message with your chosen coloring effect in any Pantone color!

Mastery of customization

Increase the effectiveness of your gift through unlimited branding possibilities. By wearing DRINKwear, thanks to our unique know-how, we give everyday objects a unique character and a unique message. You can call it customization, but for us it is the perfect finish of your activities, which we support with great satisfaction. Remember that we are able to perfectly reproduce the design and transfer even the most demanding ideas to the mug. Additionally, you receive exceptionally durable decorations as standard!

Creative and comprehensive solutions.

Now you can further strengthen the brand’s advertising message by customizing the packaging. Choose dedicated packaging for the selected product and experience the “wow” gift effect!

Double power of branding

Strengthen your branding by choosing one of the ready-made DRINKwear sets. Surprise everyone around you with it in a creative way. The unusual combination of two personalized promotional gifts will perfectly emphasize the uniqueness of the brand.

Additionally, DRINKwear products include:

Durable decoration for reusable
Our products are reusable and the decorations applied to them are durable, which helps reduce waste.
Safety of products and decorations
All DRINKwear products and technologies meet a number of safety standards, including: food contact standards.
Punctuality and the highest quality
Many years of experience and advanced machinery guarantee punctuality and high quality.

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